A woman’s closet is something that is very hard to maintain and keep clean because women are very particular about what they wear in comparison to men and due to this reason, it usually takes them a long time to pick out outfits and the perfect pair of heels to go with their outfit. Once the whole picking outfit process is done, the whole closet is likely to be a mess and everything just gets shoved back in a hurry. However, there are women who manage to keep their closets and wardrobes very clean and tidy. If you want to learn the secret to keeping your closet organized and clean, there’s a ton of tips that will help you out. Follow the information listed below and put these into practice when you organize and tidy uo your closet next.

Hang Clothing

One of the biggest mistakes that women do is folding clothes and stacking them on top of each other. With regards to clothing pieces such as jeans, shorts and active wear, folding can be utilized but with regards to items such as tops and dresses, you definitely should make use of hangers. Buying some velvet hangers on your next visit to the dollar store will definitely be a game changer for your organization skills. When you’re buying a wardrobe, buy one that allows you to hang a lot of clothing items instead of folding them because chances are, you are going to have a lot of dresses and tops that you will need to clearly before you go about picking an outfit. Using clothes hangers makes the whole ordeal of picking out an outfit much easier and simpler.

The Purge

Sometimes, clothes that you don’t ever wear can build up in your closet. Having too many items and clothing pieces will make the process of keeping your closet organized much harder for you so it is very important to get rid of some of the clothes that you do not wear anymore. Clothes that you do not wear can be disposed in very useful ways. You can go the route of selling your items, you definitely will not be able to sell for the same value you bought it for but you will be able to sell for cheaper but still get a profit out of getting rid of your old clothes. However, if you’re feeling generous, you could donate to your local good will and do a kind act during this holiday season. Doing so will also help free up a lot of space in your closet.

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